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At Do Only Good, we understand the power of science-backed nutrition. This is why we have partnered with Dr. Randall Johnson, one of the foremost pet nutritionists in the industry, to provide you – the pet parent – with the latest scientific information regarding pet nutrition.

Dr. Johnson has over 36 years of business and academic experience in animal nutrition.  He is a registered professional animal scientist, a diplomat in the American College of Animal Nutrition, a professional member of the Institute of Food Technology, the American Society of Animal Science, and the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition. He has trained over 200 nutritionists and their staffs in over 26 countries on how to formulate pet diets.

With his extensive knowledge of pet food nutrition and formulation, Dr. Johnson’s articles will keep you well-informed and aid you in choosing the optimal diet for your pets.

If you have further questions after reading the articles, please click the “Ask Dr. Johnson” button and he will be happy to help you.

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TRANSPARENCY – A Clear Conversation about Ingredients and their Origins

By admin-1   |   February 12, 2020   |   Categories: Nutrition   |  

As a Companion Animal Nutritionist, part of my job is not only to understand the functional value of each ingredient that goes into pet food, but also the quality of those ingredients. A strong case can be made that sourcing of outstanding ingredients in combination with precise formulation equates to a consistently superior end-product. For these reasons, I believe that disclosure of ingredient origins (transparency) is a ‘win’ for consumers as well as the pet food industry.

In short, ingredient excellence and transparency serve as key components in the relationship between manufacturer and consumer. By offering their customers the openness of ingredient traceability, manufacturers (like D.O.G. Certified) give clarity and peace of mind to the discerning pet parent. Please see the following link for D.O.G.’s abiding commitment to transparency:

Other components of dog food production work in concert with transparency as well. For example, quality control of the production process. Once ingredient source verification has been approved, D.O.G. produces pet food in small batches at superior FDA registered facilities, and D.O.G. has a quality food scientist oversee the food while it is being made. These steps may seem meticulous; however, they are necessary to ensure quality and consistency.

Last June, I wrote a Nutritional Facts article on ingredients and how they actively aid in the functional health of your dog. In the article, I stated, “understanding how ingredients work holistically to benefit and improve the health of your pet is one of the things that makes my job so rewarding.” What also makes my work fulfilling is being able to educate pet parents.  With this in mind, a new feature on D.O.G.’s social media platforms will include posts entitled, “WHAT’S THAT FOR?” These posts will take a specific ingredient in D.O.G. dog food and the nutritional functions it provides.

When our customers understand why a specific ingredient benefits their dog’s health, and we equip them with the transparency of that ingredient, it is our way of starting an honest dialogue about pet nutrition. It is our goal to keep that discussion going, and as always, please feel free to ask me any nutrition questions through the “Ask Dr. Johnson” link on the website.


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