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It is not often you stroll into a premium pet store and hear “La donna è mobile” from Verdi’s Rigoletto sung a cappella by a twenty-five-year-old parrot, but if that store is The Healthy Animal in Pembroke, Massachusetts chances are good that Ollie (the parrot) will offer up an aria. [...] Read more »


In this month where we as a nation celebrate our pets, no better person is an advocate for rescue animals than Felicia Singer. Both her dog Oliver and cat Siclone where adopted from local southern California shelters. Her greyhound, Song, is a rescued track dog from Mexico, and her treasured dog Neung, spent its first four years at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. [...] Read more »


Over 20 years ago in picturesque Kitsap county, Randy Maag opened his first Pet Town store in Port Townsend, Washington. Since then two more locations were added, one in Port Orchard and the other in Belfair, where Steve Brown leads a team of six employees as store manager. [...] Read more »

Bare Bones Dog Wash

When you speak with Connie Manning, the owner of Bare Bones Dog Wash, you are immediately struck by her passion for dog nutrition and her devotion to helping her customers and their pets in her beloved hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Connie did not begin as an entrepreneur. She had a thirty-year career in corporate retail [...] Read more »

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