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At Do Only Good, we understand the power of science-backed nutrition. This is why we have partnered with Dr. Randall Johnson, one of the foremost pet nutritionists in the industry, to provide you – the pet parent – with the latest scientific information regarding pet nutrition.

Dr. Johnson has over 36 years of business and academic experience in animal nutrition.  He is a registered professional animal scientist, a diplomat in the American College of Animal Nutrition, a professional member of the Institute of Food Technology, the American Society of Animal Science, and the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition. He has trained over 200 nutritionists and their staffs in over 26 countries on how to formulate pet diets.

With his extensive knowledge of pet food nutrition and formulation, Dr. Johnson’s articles will keep you well-informed and aid you in choosing the optimal diet for your pets.

If you have further questions after reading the articles, please click the “Ask Dr. Johnson” button and he will be happy to help you.

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By admin-1   |   January 22, 2020   |   Categories: Nutrition   |  

Happy New Year! Perhaps like me, you were exposed to an array of food choices throughout the holiday season.  Having a selection of options (healthy ones, especially) keeps our meals enjoyable and diverse.  This opportunity to experience different kinds of food, not only in taste but in texture, can be beneficial for your dog as well.

A pet food trend that has been steadily gaining ground is feeding your dog a raw or home-cooked diet.  Although this gives pet parents complete control of what is going into their dog’s meals, it can also neglect to provide some of the ingredients necessary for your pet’s needs based on their physiological makeup.  What may be a better option is to have your pet on a combination feeding regime.

As an Animal Nutritionist, it has been my life’s work to understand the distinct biological nutritional needs for animals to live long and healthy lives.  I make it my mission to formulate pet foods that contain ingredients promoting overall bodily holistic health.

As you know, I am a proponent of rotating your dog’s diet (see my article, November 2019). The addition of both kibble and canned food to your pet’s meals can not only provide essential nutrients, but will add texture, hydration, and variety at mealtime. I formulated D.O.G.’s diets to be rotational, highly digestible, exceptionally palatable, and functionally balanced to confirm your pet is getting the vital nutrients it needs.

It is imperative when transitioning foods that it is done gradually, between 5 to 10 days.  Also, to help with the transition or if your pet is experiencing digestive issues, try D.O.G.’s pumpkin with electrolytes, which promotes a healthy gut and normal stool formation.

So if you home-cook, feed raw, or feed only kibble, why not add a little diversity into your pet’s diet and give D.O.G. pet foods a try?  It may be a breakthrough for your finicky eater and a refreshing change for the one who will eat anything!


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