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At Do Only Good, we understand the power of science-backed nutrition. This is why we have partnered with Dr. Randall Johnson, one of the foremost pet nutritionists in the industry, to provide you – the pet parent – with the latest scientific information regarding pet nutrition.

Dr. Johnson has over 36 years of business and academic experience in animal nutrition.  He is a registered professional animal scientist, a diplomat in the American College of Animal Nutrition, a professional member of the Institute of Food Technology, the American Society of Animal Science, and the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition. He has trained over 200 nutritionists and their staffs in over 26 countries on how to formulate pet diets.

With his extensive knowledge of pet food nutrition and formulation, Dr. Johnson’s articles will keep you well-informed and aid you in choosing the optimal diet for your pets.

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EMBRACING THE AMAZING – The Extraordinary Benefits of the Humble Egg

By admin-1   |   September 15, 2019   |   Categories: Nutrition   |  

Often I am asked why I include an egg in my formulations of pet food.  Many of us who specialize in pet nutrition (myself included) consider the humble egg a perfect protein for dogs.   Why do we say this?

Like us, dogs have genetic requirements to live a healthy life.  Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of eggs has proven to support an improved micronutrient level and marked health benefits.

Eggs contain an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals.  Two of these crucial components for dogs are selenium and choline.  Selenium (a cluster of trace minerals) helps with both immune and thyroid health.  Choline (a vitamin-like critical nutrient) is an important component in aiding brain and liver function, as it works with a dog’s digestive tract to take in carnitine (see my article of October 2018).

Furthermore, eggs contain 13 essential amino acids, if you include taurine.  Proteins are chains of amino acids which are necessary for overall wellness and work hard to keep us (and our pets) healthy.

As a pet nutritionist, it is imperative to me to formulate foods that are holistic; choosing ingredients which work with your dog’s specific physiological needs.  This is why the humble egg is, in reality, is not humble at all. It is an all-inclusive powerhouse of nutrition and utterly amazing – wouldn’t you agree?


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