D.O.G. Transparency


Knowing where your dog food ingredients come from is important. 

Where was it grown or raised? Who handled it? Where did it go from there? All of these things are essential in understanding the dog food production process and the importance of traceability.

Tracing a product from farm to bag to bowl is nearly impossible— and can be inaccurate. This is why we have Source Verification™. We research where our product ingredients come from which promotes sustainability and the health of the food chain.

All our kibble and paté recipes are manufactured in the United States in U.S.D.A. inspected kitchens.  Our transparency affords you the peace of mind that you are providing your pet with the best and healthiest nutrition possible.

D.O.G. is a proud member of The Pet Sustainability Coalition – accelerating pet businesses through environmental and social impact strategies.

D.O.G. Certified Dog Food™ Kibble and Cans

Ingredient Country of Origin
Beef and Beef Meal United States
Chicken and Chicken Meal United States
Duck and Duck Meal France
Lamb and Lamb Meal Australia/New Zealand
Turkey and Turkey Meal United States
White Fish and White Fish Meal United States/Canada
Peas-Green United States/Canada
Sweet Potato United States
Lentils-Red India
Flax Seed-Whole United States/Canada
Pea Protein United States/Norway
Tomato Pomace United States
Canola Oil NON-GMO Canada
Beet Pulp United States
Egg-Dried United States
Potassium Chloride United States
Skim Milk-Dried United States
Tapioca Starch Thailand
Salmon Fish Oil Chile
Salt United States
Palatability Enhancer Proprietary
Choline Chloride United States
DiCalcium Phosphate Finland/Lithuania
Kelp Meal Canada
 Potassium Citrate  United States
Taurine-NC Japan
Vitamin E 125,000 IU United States
 Pumpkin  United States
Vitamin PMX-NC Proprietary
Organic Trace Mineral PMX Proprietary
Salmon Meal United States/Canada
Turkey Meal United States
Calcium Carbonate United States
Garbanzo Beans United States/Canada
Inulin Belgium
Lacto-Sacc Probiotics United States
Lecithin-Sunflower Netherlands
Carrot United States
Yucca Schidigera Mexico
Natural Vegetable Flavor (Non-GMO)  United States
Chia Seed Mexico/South America
Cranberry United States/Canada
Pumpkin United States
Green Tea Denmark
Broccoli Germany/Hungary
Peppermint United States
Rosemary Morocco
Apple United States
Spinach Germany/Hungary
Blueberry United States/Canada
L-Carnitine Chezc Republic
Celery Stalk India
Pineapple Brazil
Chamomile Egypt
Cherry United States
Orange United States
Turmeric India
Dandelion Leaf Bulgaria
Sodium Citrate United States
Sodium Bicarbonate United States

Nutri-Power Boost™

Description Country of Origin GMO Status
Chickpeas USA, Canada Non-GMO
Inulin Belgium Non-GMO
Carrot USA Non-GMO
Lacto-Sacc USA Non-GMO
Sunflower Lecithin USA Non-GMO
Yucca Mexico Non-GMO
Cranberry USA, Canada Non-GMO
Pumpkin Mexico, Peru Non-GMO
Chia Seed Dried South America Non-GMO
Broccoli Hungary, Germany, Mexico Non-GMO
Celery Poland Non-GMO
Pineapple Dried USA, Costa Rica, Vietnam Non-GMO
Chamomile Egypt Non-GMO
Cherries – Dried USA Non-GMO
Orange – Naval USA Non-GMO
Peppermint Egypt Non-GMO
Rosemary Morocco Non-GMO
Turmeric India Non-GMO
Apple USA Non-GMO
Spinach Hungary, Germany Non-GMO
Blueberry USA, Canada Non-GMO
L-Carnitine Czech Republic Non-GMO
Dandelion Leaf Germany, Bulgaria Non-GMO

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